Englisch 9c

Task 1 March 17th 2020

  • Today you work a little on vocab and start preparing for a mediation
  • Try to sit down to do the tasks for about 45 minutes

English book p.55, word power exercise 2. Please do all the parts of the exercise in written form.

Now go to page 53 and read „A letter to the editor“ (exercise 3a). Do all three steps – step 2 and 3 have to be in written form.

Help: Remember gerunds! You can go to grammar pages 110-112 for backup.

Some fun – Listen to this https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p085hb07

Please return to this page on Wednesday and on Friday.

Task 2 March 18th 2020

  • Today you find out more about the early years of the US
  1. First watch the video on Youtube (Link)
  1. Now go to pages 56/57 in your books
  2. After reading the short information under 1: Take notes on your knowledge answering the questions in brackets.
  3. Read the text under 2 (Freedom) and then answer question 2b)
  4. Read the text under 3 (The first Americans) and do task 3c) – notes/ catch words.

Return back here on Friday. Keep smiling!

Task 3 March 20th 2020

Today I want you to sit down and write an argumentative text which you then submit here on this page.

Your text:

  • … has an introduction, a main body, a conclusion
  • … talks about a year abroad (during schooltime)
  • … decides for one of either side: pro or con
  • … uses ideas we have collected for discussion
  • … uses vocabulary we have collected for oral exam
  • … uses connectors and adverbial phrases
  • … chooses 3 arguments and explains understandably
  • … is about 200 words long
  • … is prepared, written and submitted within 45 minutes today – you choose when
  • … is saved as a pdf.file

Task 4 March 24th 2020

Welcome back! I hope you are all fine!

I have received most argumentative texts and I will return the corrected version towards the end of the week.

For today: You find our more about American history.

Listen to the audio file and note down (exercise book):

  • why people moved west
  • how they travelled
  • what problems they had

Now look at the historical map at the back of your book.

  1. Find out what happened between 1775 and 1889.
  2. Try to get an overview of all the information in the map.
  3. Now phrase 5 sentences (speak them!) about relevant dates.
  4. Write down the important dates in your exercise book.
  5. Go to page 59 in your books.
  6. Write down the headline „An American heroine“
  7. Make a list of the 8 terms in the blue box and leave space (2 or 3 lines) after each name.
  8. Now listen to this second audio file and take notes when you get information about these 8 names.

Finally: Copy and learn the words that go with focus 2 (p.149/150!)

Task 5 March 25th 2020

Good morning guys!

We start with an easy exercise to revise the new vocabulary!

Second task in your book – probably less fun (sorry!):

Go to page 59 in your books and write the text as in task 6a) into your exercise book – do not forget to add the sentences on the right!

Write down in catchwords how Native Americans were treated by the new Americans!

Talk to you Friday! Take care!

Task 6 – March 27th 2020

Today you do two things, deal with vocabulary and read two texts:

  • Go to page 150 in your books and spend a few moments checking out the green box!
  • Go through the new vocab (intro/ unit 4) and from the 15 words you must learn choose 5 that you want to memorize straight away. Write them down.
  • Now go to page 60. Read the text
  • Think about who wrote the text and when, from what point of view?
  • Read the text on page 61 now.
  • What is different? Is the information more reliable than the one in the first text?
  • Finally, do task 1c)
You have 50 new words now!!! (focus/ intro unit 4). Please learn and revise them regularly until next Friday (3/4/2020)!

Next Task on Tuesday March 31st!

Task 7 – March 28th 2020

Today I want you to work orally. Please prepare a 2-minute statement on one topic you have worked on last week (Native American Indians).

  1. Think of what you want to say first.
  2. You can use your notes on task 1c) page 60.
  3. You can get inspired by the pictures as well.
  4. Try to make your statement and stop the time.
  5. When you think you can get it right, then record yourself. I want you then to upload your audio here later.
Important information/ schedule:

Record and upload your audio here today. Please remember to name your file clearly!

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For tomorrow (April 1st 2020) I want to have a Zoom-meeting with you all!

To prepare for tomorrows Zoom-meeting at 9.45 a.m. please download the Zoom-App (if you haven’t got it yet).
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